Hello! My Name Is Vicadin aka Vica. I’m 16 years at Imvu. Im a trigger DJ as well as a small creator. I like meeting new people as long as you aren’t trying to pick me up. I love seeing great creators being given the credit they deserve as well as just vibing to music. I’m extremely blunt and honest and for the most part don’t mean it as anything mean. I just see the world different and don’t feel like creating social niceties if you’re really not feeling that. I’m sweet and sassy, promise I don’t bite 😉

ignisglacies- Dancer @ Snatch Underground Dancer

Hello there! Around here they call me as Ignis, but you can call me tonight Chaotic Neutral. I love margaritas, videogames and drawing. I consider myself a funny girl and passionate camaleonic artist. I really like the world of fashion and artistic performance. I would like to get along with and learn from you all~♥ See you soon!


Hello, My names Morty or Bunny. I love my job here and in real life where im a manager for a smoke shop here in texas. I am a Stylist as well at snatch and I am pretty sure i gots what it takes to shine. I am 25 and a mother of 5 cats and a soon to be human spawn. I cannot wait to model for all of our sponsors ~


Hi! My name is Ash, some peeps call me Lizzy. I love playing video games, watching movies, reading and writting. I LOVE mix and matching stuff to create new looks on IMVU. I love making new friends to talk to and vibe with. Tell me what your favorite poem is and I will tell you mine! Got a conspiracy theory or creepy past subject that boggled your mind? Tell me about it! Want to go shopping together to look at new sponsor stuff? Holler at your girl!

NightmareWillow- Snatch After Dark

Hai! I’m NightmareWillow, but everyone calls me Willow or Eris. I’m a dancer over in After Dark! I’m chaotic, gothic and psychotic with a little arson for spice~ You’ll almost always see me kicking up chaos somewhere! I love all my girlies around me and am happy to make more friends, I promise to only bite if you ask~ 😉



 I’m Bia!! I own and run Salacious Club n Brothel which is affiliated with MDI! I am sweet yet sarcastic and always looking to have a good time. I love all types of music and making DPs for people. I also dev here and there.




I’m 34 years old. I’m Hispanic. I have a great sense of humor and love to make others laugh.

ScarletRozeVain-Snatch Underground

Hello I’m Scarlet or Scar for short, I’m 27, and I’ve been exploring a new side of IMVU meeting all these wonderful creators . I’m a huge Anime Fan. I spend my free time gaming or listening to music while chilling in my lounge on IMVU . I work for Snatch Underground.





Hi, My name is Lunetta but i go by Luna or LuLu. I love creating new looks with the beautiful clothing that is created by many different creators and i am always open to new and upcoming ones. If you think i would be a good fit to model your clothing, accessories, hair, whatever you create hit me up my dms are open. I am in the middle of getting a promotion at my rl job and i work overnights so if i don’t answer right away i promise, I’m not ignoring you, I may be asleep. My fashion style is a little different cause it goes with my mood. Sometimes I can be goth, emo, other times i can be more girly, dresses, booty shorts. You never know how i am feeling that day.


Hello Everyone! My name is Rose! I am a loving, caring, and creative person. I love to watch anime, listen to music, and make jewelry. Thank you!