What Maniac Dollz Are?

Are you a serious Dev? Have you been at it for a while and haven’t made it to PRO status yet? Do you want others to take pride in modeling and promoting you products? If so Maniac Dollz is the right place for you!

This is a ALT Style Dev promotion, Modeling Group.

Here at Maniac Dollz, we will be holding Bi-Weekly modeling sessions to promote those said developers. Each session will be with a new unknown Dev. If you would like for your products to be modeled and showcased please apply through our group or email as we cannot Read minds.

The Maniac Dollz Models will be wearing your clothing and modeling it for a session and we will showcase it. Also the Model will be promoting your clothing through Pulse, and getting your name out there anyway they can think of. Your model will also be leaving Reviews for the products.
We will hold monthly parties, as well as events. The Dollz who do their job prompt and on time, will be rewarded. We will have a Maniaz Dolls Monthly Calendar showcasing the Previous Months Top Promoter. Also a credit reward as well.

  • Devs will support the group through a Donation of 5k a month (Some dev’s do 1 MDI Specific product a month), To pay said Models for their time and Effort of promoting you. (subject to change, and will make exceptions)
  • Models will be paired up based off of Style. Each Style ( which there will be many) will only have 2-3 Models.
  • Models will promote their Dev through Pulse, reviewing their products and any other means. If you cannot do this simple job, then you will be removed.
    Maniac Dollz Inc. Owns all the right’s to the artwork and images used on this site.

A little about Maniac Dollz Inc. We are a group of ALT Style Dev’s and Models on IMVU Who promotes Developers who are have not made pro status. We have Pro Status dev’s in our group as well who are considered our sponsor’s. We do bi weekly promotion sessions with our models, update our site and promote the assigned dev of the week hardcore. The Style Ranges from PVC, Pinup, Goth to Glam. It’s all over the place, but everywhere you look you see tattoo’d alt style females and males. We @ Maniac Dollz Inc, work together as a group do these things.